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   Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

The Youth Leadership program is designed to equip you for the work of a successful and impacting student ministry. This course is centered around the development of leadership skills especially related to student ministry. It also includes theology, biblical studies, practical ministry and leadership training especially related to youth ministries. In addition to the classroom studies, you will have the hand-ons opportunity to work with and lead over 300 students in weekly youth and young adult ministries as you learn what goes into developing and leading a thriving youth ministry in the local church setting.

Hundreds of youth pastors and leaders have received training through The Leadership Collective (a ministry of Awakening Youth), Awakening Conferences, and Leadership Forums. You will be a part of all these areas of leadership and be involved in the experience first hand. Throughout the year, students will be trained by successful youth pastors, as well as some of the best senior leaders in the nation.

You will receive practical ministry training in…

  • Student Discipleship
  • Leadership and Management Principles
  • Event Planning and Strategy
  • Space Conceptualization, Design and Layout
  • Campus Ministry and Outreach

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